Ma Barker Ma Barker Carmichael, California Mon, 25 Oct 2021 22:06:33 +0000 <![CDATA[How y'all doing]]> Hope this finds y'all well and good.  We've had a few shows this year, nothing like pre lockdown, but we're getting back out there gradually. Take a look at the calendar page and see where we're playing at. As more dates come we'll be adding to the list.

Thanks to all who have been asking after us and attending our shows.

Anyhoo, on Friday Sept 3rd we get to play at a brand new venue for us. take a look below. Olivers Brewhouse in Lincoln CA. Hope y'all can make it.  Show Starts at 8:00 PM (PT).

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<![CDATA[Staying Safe]]> Hi Y'all.
Like the rest of you, Ma's Boyz are staying safe during these strange times. We've had a few shows cancelled due to the 'Stay at Home' orders and we've highlighted them on our current Calendar page.

We hope that you are all keeping safe and are looking forward to the day when we can be back with y'all doing our thing.

Take care everyone.
See you all soon.
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<![CDATA[oops, long time no post]]> We've have been so busy over the past 2 years we've hardly had time to think.  with 47 shows in 2018, 35 or so last year.  Steve moved to a different town, Mo bought a house. Anyhoo, we're posting again.  First of all, with paying all those shows we've made a lad of new friends. Sure wanna thank you for all the new likes on the Facebook page too. Above all, thanks to all who come out to see us and to those who cant get to the shows but still give us the moral support from far away.

We've redesigned the calendar page to make it a bit easier for y'all to see what we're up to.  We'll be taking March and April off so that some of us can get some traveling done. But we're back in May so don't forget about us please.

We hope to see y'all at the upcoming shows.

Oh and before we go...  Our good friend and longtime supporter of all things to do with local music Lynn, from Lynn's hangouts is holding her Annual Lynn's hangouts Rock-fest on April 25th. There's all day  FREE entertainment from noon to midnight. Kids are welcome 'ill 9:00PM then strictly over 21's only.  Chris and Mo are excited to be providing sound re-enforcement for the event again this year. The event is at Strikes Unlimited  in Rocklin CA. go to for more details

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<![CDATA[its the end of the year]]> SO we're fast approaching the end of the year.  4 more shows for 2018.. tonight we play Soap Thai in Yuba City, then next Saturday we're at the Auburn delights of December.  December 21st sees us at Cante Ao Vinho in Rocklin, as show that we will be recording, and the day after we'll finish the year off with a Christmas show back at Sopa Thai.

2019 bookings are coming in. Please check out the calendar and put a few dates in the cor diaries. We'd love to see y'all .

If we don't get to speak to you before the new year, Ma's Boyz wish each and every one of you a most excellent holiday season and thank you so much for all the support you've given us through 2018.

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<![CDATA[Where Ma's Boyz are playing for the rest of 2018]]>

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<![CDATA[Next show , March 24th Cante Ao Vinho , front st, rocklin]]> Our next show is at Cante Ao Vinho , located on Front St in Rocklin CA.  Show starts at 7:30Pm.  Come on down at 5pm and enjoy some pre show food.  Always a good time, we’ll be playing our usual mix of Classic Rock, 50/60,s pop and little bit of country

See ya there

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<![CDATA[Another busy year and it’s only February.]]> The Boyz in the band have already been busy doin their thing in 2018 and it’s only February.  We have about 30shows already lined up for 2018,and there’ll be more to come.  Here’s a pic of us playing at Father Paddy’s in Woodland. Reminded me of playing in a Pub back in Blighty.... Nice venue and appreciative crowd. We’ll be back there in April.

Thanks for the continuing support.. we hope to see y’all at some of our shows this year.