Ma Barker  comprise of four really talented lads of a certain age that play Classic Rock, some good old Pop and a little bit of Country. Ma Barker has performed at many events large and small since our conception in 2001 (as both Table 24, then Ma Barker). We have performed @ Carmichael Concert in The Park summer series, Carmichael founders days, Annual CIM marathon (both along the route and at the State Capital. Appearances have also been at the Club Natomas Summer concert series, Pistol Petes Classic Car Cruise nights, were regulars at Forest hill 'Hill Stock' (while it was running), Auburn Festival Of Lights (Christmas), Yuba City's Christmas Strolls. We are one of the 'house bands' at Yuba City's 'Sopa Thai' and play there at least once a month. We're on regular rotation at Pistol Petes Bar in Auburn as well as the 'Feather Falls Casino' in Oraville. We have appeared at the Annual Meadowvista 'Oktoberfest'' over the past 7-8  years (except for 2015) .We have an open invitation to play the 'Sacramento' Cow Town marathon each year, and have done so for the past 8 years running. We are asked play a lot of private events'. We  always put on a show for our audiences, be they large or small and we seem to be asked back year after year, sometimes being booked a year in advance to secure our services. Our high quality Sound System will provide coverage for all sizes of venues and our lighting set up will enhance any 'evening/night time shows'.  Our songbook enables us to tailor a set list for a particular audience and event, with performances ranging from 45 minutes to 5 hours. Ma Barker provides an eclectic mixture of material guaranteed to have our audiences, both young and old,  toe tapping, singing along, clapping their hands and getting up on the dance floor.


Wanna know more ?. Good then read on.

There's Chris Saint.  Now Chris hails from South London in England. He's also known as fingers, not because of his lightning lead guitar work, but because of the number of Cadburys chocolate fingers hes known to consume given the chance.  Chris now lives in Weimar, CA .  As well as lead Guitar duties, he also lends a hand at lead and backing vocals.

Then we move onto Ted Wessman.  Ted resides in Auburn, CA. Ted plays rythem guitar and also delivers lead and backing vocals.  Ted the quiet one in the band, well that is till you start discussing his beloved San Francisco Giants, then he wont shut up!.

So now onto Steve Spyres.  Our version of a programmable drum machine.  Basically tell Steve what you want him to play and he just does it. Steve's originally from San Jose, now residing in Yuba City. Like most drummers he's passionate about his craft. He really cares about his instrument, which is weird  'cause he beats them to bits each time he plays them.

Finally,  there's Mo Debbage. Bass player , Vocalist and wannabe commedian. Mo too is a ex pat Brit, hailing from North London, now living in Granite Bay, CA.  Also known as 'Mouth Almighty' due to attempts to make funny comments about his band mates in between songs. Sometimes they work!